A research-guided organization that transforms companies through the self-leadership and values-inspired practice of their people.

PRAX is a neuroleadership program that applies its practice-based curriculum for companies by focusing on the people who comprise them.

PRAX emphasizes the importance of practicing learned skills and understanding the impact that performance has on our personal and professional happiness. We wish to partner with companies that share our conviction that happiness – like leadership – starts with self, not position, circumstance, or salary.

People form companies.
PRAX transforms People.

            form companies.
PRAX transforms                 

Smooge Racing Powered by PRAX

Smooge Racing is a professional motorsports team that competes in various championships throughout North America including IMSA, SRO, and GR Cup with a keen focus on driver development and competing at the highest levels of GT Racing in the world.

Since its formation in 2019, Smooge Racing Powered by PRAX has quickly established itself as a championship-winning organization having won numerous races, Team Championship, Driver Championship, Rookie of the Year Championship, and the highly esteemed Jerome Zimmerman Award. In addition, Smooge Racing was able to bring Toyota its first race wins and Championships in North America.

PRAX provides Smooge Racing with self-leadership training and counseling for its executives, managers, and crew. Smooge is excited to announce that it will add PRAX Leadership to its Driver Development platform for the 2024 campaign to further prepare elite young drivers for life in and outside of racing.

PRAX Leadership, LLC is a proud partner of Smooge Racing.